2020 Couples Workshop

The lotus is a flower that blooms in the mud; the thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the  bloom.

This workshop, Getting the Love You Want, is based on Imago Relationship Therapy and is filled with practical wisdom and specific skills for managing the challenges that intimate partners face. The premise of this approach is that the committed partnership has enormous transformative power and is an irreplaceable venue for healing and growth. This is not group therapy. It is a psycho-educational seminar with time for you and your partner to practice the skills – that are taught and demonstrated -in the privacy of your relationship. Coaching is available to all participants so that you will strenghten your capacity to:

  1. end emotional tugs of war
  2. love your partner without losing yourself
  3. understand the journey from romantic love to mature love
  4. understand the role of safety in relationship
  5. rekindle fun and joy
  6. resolve past, unfinished issues and live in the present more and more of the time.

Imago Theory is integrated with stunning new insights from relational neuroscience, attachment theory and positive psychology and is taught by longtime, Imago Faculty members Nedra Fetterman, PhD  and Gene Shelly, M.Div. along with Joe Fetterman, Ben Fetterman and Jen Fetterman, Psy.D. who are assisting them. Mark Shulkin, an Imago Elder, will also be assisting. The workshop is limited to 20 couples.

October 10 + 11, 2020. NOW ONLINE!  $800.00 per couple.

Call 610.246.4344 for more information. See Menu for Workshop Registration and Payment.



Imago Relationship Therapy is a powerful and empowering approach to couples therapy!


Use the link above to register for this new training! Orientation to the online platform will be 6/19/17 and the training begins 6/22/17! 

We are anticipating an extraordinary group of creative, gifted and talented therapists from all over the world coming together to make the leap into Imago’s relational paradigm. With Imago tools, training, and the deep, ongoing support that often comes when therapists train in Imago together, participants will find their work deepens, becomes more creative and satisfying.

Welcome to Mentoring Love

Intimate relationships are at the core of our emotional life. We are born in relationship, nurtured by relationship, inevitably disappointed or hurt in relationship and we can be healed in relationship. There is no other context like a safe, intimate and loving relationship to provide us with a sense of belonging and to inspire our growth and aid in our healing.

At Mentoring Love our focus is on helping partners deepen their sense of intimate connection to one another as well as each to their own deepest self. Our goal is to facilitate and enrich the dialogue between two people including the ongoing conversations we have with ourselves. Perhaps it is true what has been often said, “The distance between yourself and another person is the same distance between yourself and yourself.”

Through therapy and coaching sessions with individuals and/or couples, workshops and trainings, we are committed to helping couples and individuals learn what it means to have a clear intention, the right tools and a safe enough environment so that growth and healing are possible.